The After I Do Academy Introductory Bonuses Are Limited To The Next 5 Couples That Sign Up! 
 why survive 
in your relationship 
when you could actually thrive? 
Read This Before 
Going ANY Further
In 2018, a study found that 86% of married couples ARE NOT truly happy. 
That's scary! 
Don't you want to be apart of the 14% who are Happy? 
The "After I Do" Academy will help you to Beat the Odds!
Are you tired of having the same arguments?
Do you ever feel disconnected from your spouse?
Do you miss the intimacy you and your mate once had?
Have thoughts of separation or divorce come to your mind?
Over the last 8 years Atlanta Couple Therapy has partnered with over 1,000 couples to build stronger marriages, and heal from infidelity. We have listened to countless men and women share why they were unhappy in their marriage and their feelings of hopelessness and despair. 

We are finally able to take what we do in our practice and share it with couples across the world through this one of a kind couples only membership. We are giving you the tools and tips you need to create the marriage of your dreams. The After I Do Academy will allow you and your mate to not only have better communication, but be more connected with one another resulting in better intimacy all around. 

But, we didn't stop there we included intimate conversations with other couples and experts to ensure that every situation, scenario, marriage and member will have what they need to truly THRIVE in their Marriage!

Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
the after i do academy
what should you expect...
From The After I Do Academy
Over 10 hours of trainings and interviews are already READY for you to start as soon as you join covering topics from intimacy, communication, sex and finances. But that's not it. Every month a new training or interview will be added to give you continuous support and tools to stay in your lovers lane.
Every month you will have the opportunity to join our LIVE Couples Discussion featuring one of the therapists from Atlanta Couple Therapy or one of our Relationship Experts. The discussions are a great way to ask questions about what you've learned, connect with other couples and get feedback from a trained professional.
As you and your mate go through the  trainings and participate in the couples discussions you will begin to break down and remove the resentment and frankly put the  junk that has built up between the two of you. Long gone will be the days of begging for each other's attention and feeling like you have to force yourself to stay in your marriage as they will be replaced by days of hand holding, stolen glances, real honest communication: the marriage you have been dreaming of!
lovers bonuses
From The After I Do Academy
Marital Peace
Valued at $29.99
Receive a FREE Copy of Marital Peace,  Dr. Laura Louis' book  where she shares a toolbox of strategies to reconnect with your spouse. Specifically what most people don't know about relationship happiness & fulfillment.
*The first 20 couples will receive a softcover copy of the book*
Intimacy Training
Valued at $297
3-part online course giving you the exact strategies  we use to help couples reconnect and get back to the closeness they had when they first got married. This training covers the types of intimacy and tools to having better intimacy. 

what if your marriage went from whatever to omg?
Meet Dr. Louis
Ph.D., Founder of Atlanta Couple Therapy
  • Received Ph.D. in Counseling and Psychology from Howard University 2012
  • Taught at the college level
  • Worked in the psychology field since 2003
  • Conducted 100s of seminars and trainings for universities, hospitals
  • International Speaker 
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
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